Graham Kennedy, Principal and Founding Director

I spent most of my formative years at Accenture and Kearney involved engagements that were designed to ‘transform’ clients.  ‘Enterprise transformation’, and ‘technology and transformation’ described the engagements in which I was principally involved. 


When I left Kearney, I was convinced I could see an opportunity to make such transformations – and the consulting teams that helped with them – much more effective.  I thought a small consulting business could embrace emerging business improvement tools that advances in technology and behavioural science were making possible to accelerate clients’ transformations and to increase the effectiveness of consulting teams too.


But I discovered that this hypothesis about what clients would value was slightly off the mark.  I realised that the real opportunity was helping executives overcome their most critical change and development challenges – especially when they were stuck or making inadequate progress – and that typically an army of consultants wasn't needed to do this.  So, the opportunity I thought I could see morphed into one where:

  • A client executive had an organisational change or development challenge that he or she couldn’t overcome

  • An experienced change and development consultant with a blue-chip consulting background could diagnose what was stopping or inhibiting a client from making adequate progress – and then work with a small client team to devise and introduce strategic initiatives that would take the organisation in the desired (and agreed) direction

  • A client wanted (or needed) an outcome to be delivered – and not just a report

  • A client did not want or need the assurance of working with a big brand.


Since setting up Alexoria - which is principally me working with a few carefully selected, small professional services organisations and support staff - I have found that clients value our scientific and structured way of helping them address their change and development challenges.  Where relevant, we use advances in technology and behavioural science to help them do this.  In particular, clients say they value our ability to help them:

  • Shape, package and position propositions or solutions so they gain traction with key stakeholders

  • Turn thoughts and conversations into visible progress

  • Use our network and collaborative attitude to open doors to hidden opportunities

  • Introduce structure and process to unstructured situations

  • Make change happen

  • Focus on outcomes in a way that challenges thinking and drives out benefits faster.


Forming or working as part of small collaborative client teams to overcome clients’ change and development challenges and delivering clients’ desired outcomes also bolsters the value we deliver.  Teams of consultants are not needed, and experience is shared amongst members of the collaborative team, enabling team members to help clients address similar challenges on their own.  On all of our engagements, our aim is for our clients to deliver the outcomes they want more predictably, effectively and efficiently than they would have done without us.


Executives of professional services, software and technology businesses responsible for generating revenues of at least £5m are ideally placed to take advantage of this opportunity.  If this is you, I encourage you to get in touch for a no obligation exploratory conversation.  You can book a call using the button below.  On, on!!